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To Dare is To Lose

The pumping main was failing under old age and with leaks popping up, water was going to waste and the deer were missing out, this system was simply not going to cutting the mustard.

Having worked with this farmer in the past, He knew who to call to solve this sticky situation. Aqualine Contractors were onto the job pronto to cut back on the waste of the precious resource.

Having been in the water reticulation game for three generations, the Aqualine Team have gained class leading experience and knowledge, being able to take on the most challenging projects, yet providing you with the best possible outcomes.

Aqualine's impressive mole plough machine installs pipe like none other, slicing through the ground leaving very little evidence of where it's been. We have the cababilities of mole ploughing in pipe as big as 250mm, now isn't that impresive!


This system required 1400m of pipeline and the installation of two 30,000L tanks.

Now heres a helpful tip...

The pumping mainline is the backbone of any pumped system, it pays to install a large sized pipe, taking away any extra stress from your pump and providing a larger amount of water with quicker recovery times. It all depends on the scale and demands of your farm, pumping mains are commonly between 50mm through to 75mm pipe.


Please get in touch with the team at Aqualine Contractors to get things rolling. We are looking forward to helping you out.

(06) 8796238

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