We bury pipe in a flash, without a trace

When you want pipe in the ground, we get the job done faster and

to a higher standard than anyone else in the bay


rt80 QUAd

Loaded with power and traction and both trenching and ploughing attachments gets the job done fast!


With a secondary dual tool trencher and mole plough, we're loaded with capacity for even the largest of jobs

our MOLE PLOUGHING equipment

OUr PLOUGHING advantage

SPEED of installation


Nothing beats our unique vibratory mole ploughing equipment for getting the job done quickly and accurately. This save you time and money.


quality and reliability

Thanks to our 3 generations of experience, and field testing our equipment is able to maintain consistent working depths, whether laying cable or polyethylene and minimal ground disturbance leaves the ground compact, so it doesn't wash out in the rain.


guaranteed joins

Due to our unique installation system, joins are guaranteed to last, without leaking 


specialist equipment

Our aggressive shaker offers the significant benefit that of having the ability to provide plenty of soil fracturing while leaving behind only a clean soil surface cut - this eliminates the need for backfilling, replacement of soil or re-sowing of vegetation. 



Water reticulation – we specialise in setting up water schemes for farms and lifestyle blocks.  This includes the installation of troughs, tanks, pipelines.  In just four contracts in the Hawkes Bay, we have laid more than  86,000 metres of water reticulation.

Watch the RT80 in action....

Quick, Efficient, Accurate & Minimal Ground Disturbance 

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"If you want the job done he does the whole job from start to finish. Excellent communication with both Vern and the boys. Great teamwork. I am a truly satisfied customer and would use him every time. 


Ken Apatu, Hastings