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Optimization is Paramount

Being a natural resource, Water is limited. So, optimising what water you've got is paramount to efficent farming!


Working in the thirsty soils of the Raukawa area there is only one chance of getting it right. Aqualine's exceptional local knowledge and three generations of experience takes away any guess work. Standing behind all our work whether it be joins, troughs or tank installation we can guarantee there is no compromise in quality.

The new well striking water just a few meters below ground; Aqualine Contractors had the responsibility of getting the precious resource around the farm. Our impressive machine has a Mole Plough and Trencher attachment all in one to make the process even more efficient.


Harris Pumps & Filtration designed this system and supplied adequate sized pipes providing sufficient water for the farms currents needs, also allowing the farmer to further develop/intensify his farm without overloading the system going foward. This project involved 400m of Power Trenching, Mole Ploughing 2400m of pipelines, installing two 30,000L tanks and placing 11 troughs. The farmer now has the pleasure of a sustainable water system (No leaks, No hassles) that will see him right for the years to come.


Get in touch with the friendly team at Aqualine Contractors to see how we can improve your water system to get your stock through the dry summer months

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