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Now Twice as Reliable

Joining two water systems together to form a much more secure and reliable farm water supply was a smart decision to make.


Aqualine Contractors worked along side Harris Pumps & Filtration on this project to implement the idea.

Harris Pumps done the design, supplying of materials and the pump shed works. Whilst Aqualine Contractors part was to dig/set up a new water gallery intake, mole plough in 2800m of 63mm mainline, 3000m of gravity pipelines, relocate two break down tanks and install 19 troughs.

Aqualine Contractors are still learning and gaining further experience from each water gallery installed. Understanding the soil structures of the river bed, surrounding trees, the high and low water levels of the river are just a few of the factors which determine the decisions to making a successful water gallery.

Mole Ploughing in pipelines with the team at Aqualine happens very smoothly. Thousands of meters installed to date we have picked up a few tips along the way. In this project 2800m of mainline was installed in the most direct route through one side of the farm and joined into an existing water system. This existing system was installed by Aqualine many years ago, now the farm has two water sources feeding 20,000m of pipelines making it a lot more secure and reliable.


Give the friendly team at Aqualine Contractors a call with your water requirements today!

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