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Future proofing farm Water Supply

Aqualine Contractors recently completed a Water Reticulation project including replacing the existing pumping main and gravity lines to troughs.

This recent water reticulation project involved Mole Ploughing in 3,000 meters of 63mm pipe ranging from 18bar pipe to 9bar pipe. This was pumped up to a new 30,000 litre tank, installed by our experienced team. Another 4,000 meters of 40-32mm pipe was then Mole Ploughed in gravity feeding back down to 10 newly installed 500 litre round troughs as well as his existing troughs.

How did we future proof the farmer?

Aqualine Contractors' experience made it simple to come up with a plan and system which could be relied on for years.The farmer now has full confidence that his stock will be supplied sufficiently with cool, clean water, even through the driest of conditions. Our teams efficiency while installing this system meant that we didn't get in the way of the farmers stock rotations, making sure that the cross-over of systems was minimal hassle and stock didn't run out of water. Aqualine Contractors quality workmanship has ensured the farmer that all water pipes and systems have been installed to high expectations.

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