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Imagine fertile ground going to waste!

Well that was exactly the case, until a local farm manager realised they needed to innovate and fill in the gaps.


Knowing they had potential cropping ground going to waste, the farmer wanted to do something about it, and quickly! We jumped to the idea, knowing we could feasibly action a plan to make the land more profitable.

Some 10 hectares were simply not being used, as the main pivot irrigator could not reach into the corners of the paddock. A new 125mm pipe was trenched in, to 3 hydrants. This is to allow a hard-hose irrigator to 'fill in the gaps' and water the rest of the ground, making it suitable for growing crops.

A fence line to a previous 'no man's land' with a shelterbelt was stripped and levelled, with the stumps and roots removed, adding another couple of profitable hectares.

What is the point of having land if it's not making you money?


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