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A Smart Choice....

Aqualine has recently completed a major earth works redevelopment for a local farmer. Using a 10 tonne digger, our team undertook the farmers plans to develop a multi purpose horse arena, including a viewing platform, training rings and a raceway. This impressive horse arena area was once a few bare paddocks. What better way to make the most of the land!


Earth works is one of the services we specialise in, to make your projects easier to complete. Whether your project is a large scale redevelopment or only making minor adjustments to your current set-up, we are here to help.

Our range of diggers, from 1.7 tonne to 10 tonne, makes it simple for us to fit in with your requirements and complete the project to your desires.


Maybe your project isn't quite this big or maybe it's even bigger! Either way our team is keen to help you out.

Why not give us a call today (06) 879 6238 or flick an email through with your proposal and plans to;

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