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Forming driveways the right way

Our driveways are usually the first thing people see. You want it looking sharp and one that will last well!


Following a recent purchase of the house, this homeowner knew the drive needed an upgrade. Every time it rained, the surface water and drainage would run-off the road and caused havoc to the driveway.

Aqualine assessed the situation and came up with a reliable solution, resolving both the drainage and driveway issues.

We placed 3 concrete sumps to collect the surface water off the road. Placement of these were key as we needed to catch the water before it gained momentum. We then delivered this through a 6" Novaflo pipe in the bottom of the water table, this carried the bulk of the water from the sump. This 6"Novaflo could then drain excess water found in the water table. Boulders were then placed on top of the Novaflo to keep the water speed down and to prevent erosion. These boulders also add a fantastic rustic look to the landscape.

With the drainage issue solved we then could form up the drive. There isn't any point having a driveway that looks great but has been formed wrong with an unstable base. Scrapping off the original and impractical chip made way for us to create a firm and solid base. Using a recycled crushed concrete product for the base, we were able to get this rock solid as well as sustaining our environment. Using a suitable roading chip 'put the icing on the cake'.


"Save Time use Aqualine"

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