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Start with a Solid Foundation!

Over 300 tonnes of limestone later, you have an impressive solid base for the house foundations!

Last month we were out at Maraetotara enjoying the views, while working hard! This project involved; first stripping off the topsoil, shaping and stabilizing the subsoil then carting and leveling limestone to form a firm base for the house foundations.

With a lot of experience up our sleeve and the right equipment, we were able to get the base accurately level. On a job like this, compaction is key, the more you compact (roll) the limestone the firmer the base will become.

It's not only what you know, it's also who you know. Having a large number of contacts means we can likely source the specified aggregate pretty close to your property making it very easy to cart in the necessary sized product for the job. For this job over 300 tonnes of limestone was supplied and delivered.

Not only did we create the house foundation base, we also leveled out a Caravan park, so the owner can live onsite in his caravan and watch his dream house unfold. The last thing the owner wants is for his caravan to be washed off the bank, therefore we conveniently put in some efficient drainage systems, that will encapsulate the run-off water from the top of the driveway.

Let us help you start your dream house project today.


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