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Breakaway from the pack with efficient irrigation installation

Make your Irrigation Project a Success!

Aqualine Contractors has recently been involved in an orchard irrigation project that required extending onto an existing irrigation system. Most of the trench needed to have the 250mm mainline pipe as well as a sub-main, this meant the trench had to be 400mm wide and 1 metre deep which normally would be dug open with a digger. However, trenching this wide just got easier!


The Quad RT80 Trencher is Aqualine Contractors specialty. Trenching with this machine is a lot more efficient in opening up a trench compared to a digger.

Being in the 'heavy' soil the trencher was able to chew its way through with ease making the soil a lot easier to work with when backfilling, no big clumps of uncooperative clay to try and place around the lateral starters. The RT80 also does a top-notch backfilling job, with only a few scratch marks visible.

Having a GPS set up on the trencher means we are able to get an accurate and straight line to follow whilst trenching. Saving you the needless worry of having incorrectly laid pipe.

Using the RT80 Trencher helps speed up the whole project with its efficiency, to help the orchard development rolling along. You've got nothing to lose, but everything to gain!


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