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Sourcing another Reliable Water System

Yet another reliable water scheme installed by Aqualine Contractors

Digging the Gallery

This project involved many different tasks, including; installing a gallery, trenching for power & water, thrusting under a road, siting tanks and mole ploughing in a waterpipe.



Installing a water gallery isn't as easy as it looks. Right positioning and right depth are key to having a dependable water intake. This gallery required a large amount of storage, getting down to a maximum depth of four meters, this was to give the pump greater pumping time as it is pumping a long distance. Using large boulder's from off the river bed we created a 'filter' for the water, last thing you want is dirty water going through your pump.

From the gallery, two water pipes (75mm & 50mm), a power cable and a communication cable were open trenched 700 meters uphill through tricky terrain to finally reach the road side. This was no a small power cable! Handling this at times was very awkward, however with our efficient process we installed this with no damage.

At this point we needed to thrust under the road to minimise damage to the asphalt. Using a unique directional drill which attaches to the excavator we were able to accurately and successfully get all the required services under the road. Leaving the road how we found it. One big advantage was that traffic was still able to go past, no painful roadwork traffic jams!

Tank Siting in progress

We sited two 30,000L tanks beside the sheds.

After this, no more open trenching! The pipe was mole ploughed in. This service has many advantages, minimal ground disturbance, no long lasting scares to the landscape, quick and efficient reducing any extra bother to your stock. After mole ploughing in 1500m of pipe, we sited another two 30,000L tanks at the highest point on the farm. From here the new waterline connected back into the existing system.

Mole Ploughing in Waterpipe

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