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Now 24 times better.......

Relying on natural waterways for your stock is now not the best practice, the consequences aren't at all pleasant, in fact a hefty fine is the last thing most of us want.

Aqualine Contractors takes the hassle and complexity out of issues like this. With our three generations of experience we are truly your local water reticulation experts!


This particular project, in the heart of Hawke's Bay, involved tapping a unique spring. Hawke's Bay is special in the way that there are many 'natural springs' that are eligible for reliable water sources. Before tapping a spring, you need to be confident that it's going to be reliable and be able to deliver the same amount of water throughout the hotter summer months. The last thing you want is your water source drying up, leaving your stock thirsty for water.

Needing to pump the water 3000 meters through to a high central part on the farm. It was designed to install 75mm mainline with a float switch cable. Installing this mainline

wasn't the most straight forward task, the first few hundred meters of pipe being 20Bar rated, over challenging terrain, fence lines to go under and no extra joins allowed in the cable. It was installed with great success completed in three and a half days. The specialised equipment and skilled workmanship from the Aqualine Contractors team again proved very efficient.

Tank installation with the Aqualine Contractors team is completed efficiently and safely without any hassles.This project required two 30,000L tanks to be installed providing them with a great amount of storage and also maximising the time for the pump and its pumping cycles.

This large scale project required 6000m of gravity pipelines installed throughout the farm to 24 new troughs.

Subdividing his paddocks to prevent the stock from accessing the natural waterways. Aqualine's Ditchwitch mole ploughing machine installs pipes at a tremendous rate, slicing through the ground leaving very little evidence of where its been. For future reference the pipelines are all GPS located for you.

No need to worry about any handling of the troughs. Aqualine has the capabilities for uplifting the troughs directly from the factory and transporting them right to site. Our preference is the round troughs, they're more stable on the hills and give you the option of putting a poly wire through the centre of the trough, giving you more grazing


Another handy time saving tip! We have found putting a little tap inside each of the troughs helps flushing the pipelines out. Added bonus being if you do have any troubles with a trough you can individually turn the troughs off.


Please contact us to see how we can help you with your upcoming water reticulations projects. We're looking forward to helping you out!

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