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Is your Water System ready for Summer?

Entering summer with an old run down stock water system and managing a herd of thirsty dairy cows isn't the most ideal position to be in. Aqualine Contractors came to the aid and solved a farmers stressful situation.

Once the design/planning stage is completed you can leave the project in the capable hands of the Aqualine team, to install your stock water system to the highest of standards, no need to stress and take your valuable time away from your farming operations.


This recently completed project was in the central Hawkes Bay area, Twenty Three paddocks without reliable water. Aqualine was able to connect into the existing tanks and install a new 63mm gravity mainline down through the centre of the paddocks and run off 40mm branchlines connecting to each trough, a total 5000m of pipe joined and completed without any leaks. Installing big sized pipelines gives your system much quicker recovery times to prevent your stock going without water.

With our specialised Mole Ploughing machine we can guarantee you a consecutive ploughing depth taking away any worries when you come work up your paddocks. Our standard mole ploughing depth is 600mm but we have the capabilities to get down to 1000mm.

Completing this project through winter provided a few challenges, for example saturated soils and wet gully's to get through. The powerful mole ploughing machine handled these conditions pretty well, powering through on it's four independent tracks gives it maximum traction without leaving behind a muddy mess!

This project was designed to install Twenty Three 750L troughs with a layer of shingle spread around each trough. The 750L troughs are great size for the dairy industry, not too big not too small. Aqualine's proven workmanship takes the hassle out of trough installation while maintaining sustainable and high standards.

Got a Water System the needs update or replacing?


Simply get in touch with the friendly team at Aqualine to get the ball rolling. We do look forward to helping you relive yourself off any unwanted stress.

(06) 8796238

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