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An Investment for the Future....

Why only supply some of your farm with a reliable water scheme when it's too easy to do it all?

A local farmer has recently upgraded his water scheme from a run-down old scheme that wasn't performing, to now having a fully function-able water scheme helping him farm with better efficiency.

Aqualine Contractors assisted this project by installing just over 1400 meters of 63mm 12bar pumping mainline with a control cable, and a little over 4000 meters of 50mm down to 32mm gravity pipe line feeding 38 new troughs.

The farmer is now more confident with his water scheme knowing he will have minimal hassles and drama with this guaranteed water scheme. He can now perform better stock rotations having a 750 litre trough precisely installed in every paddock, letting him get the maximum out of every blade of grass.


If you are looking to install a water scheme, keep your pipe practically big as possible, allowing for quicker recovery times delivering to your troughs. It's also wise to install your new troughs as close to the centre of each paddock to ensure your stock grazes each paddock evenly.

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