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You won't win without it...

You can't farm efficiently if you don't have a proper water supply. That's why we are here to help!


Over the life time of Aqualine Contractors we have tapped hundreds of springs, and installed hundreds of kilometres of water pipe, giving us valuable experience.

We have just finished installing a system which involved; tapping a spring, mole ploughing, placing and installing a 30,000L tank.

With each spring being different it requires a lot of skill to get it right. The team's expertise in tapping the spring meant we were able to capture as much water as possible, resulting in sufficient flow.

One trick is to ensure you have the right size pipe from the spring to the tank to reduce the risk of airlocks.

This reliable water systems gravity feeds down to a 30,000L tank situated so the helicopter can land beside it, making the water accessible for when they need to spray the orchard with the helicopter. As every orchardist knows; trees won't thrive if they don't have the resource to do so.


Like us to do something like this on your property?

Give us a call and we can discus your needs in detail.

(06) 8796238 or if it's easier send us an email

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